Understandably many of the dementia-friendly musical activities and services listed on this map have been postponed, some have moved their offer virtually. Please contact the provider for further details.


Playlist for Life

Playlist for Life is a UK wide music and dementia charity.

We want everyone living with dementia to have access to a unique, personal playlist of music and for everyone who loves or cares for them to know how to use it.

More than 20 years of scientific research shows that listening to a personal playlist can make living with dementia easier and happier.

Building a personal playlist means exploring someone's life story to gather the tunes that are most deeply attached to memories and emotions.

We run free webinars for Family & friends of people living with dementia who are interested in making a playlist for a loved one living with dementia. The Family & friends webinars are listed in the events section here. We also run free webinars for groups and organisations supporting people living with dementia in their community and an introductory webinar for care professionals. All our webinars are listed on our website at https://www.playlistforlife.org.uk/book-webinars/