Understandably many of the dementia-friendly musical activities and services listed on this map have been postponed, some have moved their offer virtually. Please contact the provider for further details.


Alzheimer Master

Alzheimer Master is a mobile application which helps you to coordinate the life of a family member/someone you care for who is living with dementia.

The free version of the application contains functions for reminding the person to take the necessary medication or bringing up memories through photos from his or her past.

The paid version of the application allows the caregiver to receive a notification when the person leaves their home.
During the night, when the person is struggling alone, the application plays a comforting and informative voice message confirming their whereabouts and switches on the light in order to assist the orientation.
After each notification and memory, the application will automatically record the voice and reaction of the elderly person. Through this function the caregiver can monitor how the patient reacted to the given notification or memory.
All of the photos and voice messages can be recorded individually by the supporting members of the family/care givers, which means security and comfort to the person.
The application is also suitable for those with early onset symptoms to use themselves to set reminders.
The application can also be used by the caregivers to set there own reminders.

Some of the functions within the paid version of the application, including notification on leaving home and switching on lights, will only work with supplementary devices such as a door sensor, Android smart watch and smart light bulbs. You can find out more detailed information about this on our webpage.

  • Lowers anxiety
  • Reduces loneliness
  • Lowers agitation
  • Involves carers
  • Self expression
  • Maintenance or development of identity and self
  • Facilitating communication
  • Living well
  • Diagnosis
  • Post diagnosis – early years
  • Post diagnosis – later years