Understandably many of the dementia-friendly musical activities and services listed on this map have been postponed, some have moved their offer virtually. Please contact the provider for further details.


Pop Chorus Wellbeing Choir ONLINE!

Whilst the current social distancing guidelines are in place Pop Chorus are offering online sessions.

Sessions run twice a week - every Monday and Thursday at 2pm. These sessions last 1 hour and are open to absolutely ANYONE via a public invitation (below). It's a great opportunity for you to do something with friends and family who aren't local and even your neighbours, but for once we're not limited by geography!

We sing 50s, 60s, 70s songs and some more recent numbers and the lyrics for each song will pop up on the screen for you to sing along. It's just for fun, socialising and togetherness. These sessions are free, but there is a PayPal account that people can choose to make a donation into if they wish (we're suggesting £3 each) - our regular wellbeing choirs are donation based, so this is the same.

We're using an app called Zoom and you can access the sessions from a phone, tablet or laptop; the bigger your screen, the more you'll be able to see. On a laptop it's possible to see 25 other people at a time, all singing their hearts out at home - it's magical!

You won't be able to hear anyone else singing (and nobody can hear you), but you'll all be able to hear Yula and the music. If you download the app all you'll need is the meeting ID to log in, or you'll be able to simply follow the link to join each session. On a laptop I think it asks you to download the app the first time you log in anyway.

Try to get to each session a little early - if you're really early you'll get a notice saying the meeting isn't open yet, about half an hour before the start a virtual waiting room will open and you'll automatically go in there and when we're ready we'll admit everyone to the live session (don't worry if you're late, there is always somebody monitoring the waiting room). We can take well over 100 singers in each session, so don't be shy, come and have a go - the technology really is easy to get to grips with. There's a chat facility so you can talk to each other and ask questions - if you are having difficulties somebody will be able to help. When you enter the session your microphone is automatically muted, please don't unmute as this will lead to a cacophony! Yula can unmute you if you need to ask a question (bear in mind everyone will be able to hear you).

Here is the invitation to join the public wellbeing sessions:
Join Zoom Meeting - https://zoom.us/j/958535191
Meeting ID: 958 535 191

  • Lowers anxiety
  • Reduces loneliness
  • Lowers agitation
  • Improves memory
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Involves carers
  • Self expression
  • Creative expression and stimulation
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Physical engagement
  • Social connections – supporting relationships
  • Facilitating communication
  • Pleasure and enjoyment
  • Contributing to a creative outcome
  • Living well
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Post diagnosis – early years
  • Post diagnosis – later years
  • No Amenities


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